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Top 5 Fastest-Growing Cities and Counties in North Texas

  1. Celina Celina tops the list with an impressive growth rate of nearly 40%. Located about 40 miles north of Dallas, Celina’s small-town charm combined with a boom in housing developments and amenities has made it a magnet for new residents.

  2. Frisco Known for its excellent schools and vibrant community, Frisco has consistently ranked among the fastest-growing cities. Its population growth can be attributed to the influx of businesses and the development of residential areas, adding thousands of new residents each year.

  3. Haslet Situated in Tarrant County, Haslet experienced a 31% increase in population. Its proximity to major highways and the availability of new housing developments have contributed to its rapid growth.

  4. Argyle Argyle, located in Denton County, has seen about a 20% increase in population. The town’s rural feel coupled with access to larger metropolitan areas makes it an attractive place for families.

  5. Mansfield Mansfield rounds out the top five, benefiting from its strategic location between Dallas and Fort Worth. The city has seen substantial residential and commercial development, drawing in many new residents.

Fastest Growing Counties in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area

  1. Collin County Collin County leads in growth, adding over 40,000 residents recently. This county includes thriving cities like Frisco, McKinney, and Allen, known for their high quality of life and economic opportunities.

  2. Denton County Denton County follows closely, with more than 30,000 new residents. Cities like Denton and Lewisville are popular for their blend of urban and suburban living.

  3. Tarrant County Tarrant County, home to Fort Worth, also saw a significant increase of over 30,000 people. The county's mix of cultural attractions, job opportunities, and affordable living continues to attract newcomers.

  4. Kaufman County East of Dallas, Kaufman County is experiencing a surge in growth, making it one of the fastest-growing counties in the nation. The appeal lies in its affordability and expanding residential developments.

  5. Dalla County Dallas County, while already densely populated, continues to grow steadily. The county's central location, economic opportunities, and diverse amenities contribute to its ongoing population increase.

North Texas's growth is driven by a combination of economic opportunities, affordable housing, and a high quality of life. As these cities and counties continue to develop, they are poised to remain attractive destinations for new residents seeking a vibrant and dynamic community.

For more detailed information and updates on the growth trends in North Texas, you can visit Fort Worth Report, WFAA, and Dallas Innovates.



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